It's all about Perception Management...

Perception Management Courses

Do you know that your brain’s great plasticity—its ability to change—can work for or against your goals, depending on your positive or negative perception interpretations?

The good news is in our Perception Management Courses you learn what perception truly is, how it works and how to manage it to use the plasticity of your brain in your favor.

What's the highlight? You build up your Mind Bridging® Matrix (MBM)—a perception shifting matrix—a revolutionary holographic psychological method, developed by Dr. Maria de Rocha Chevalley, to rewrite your subconscious negative programming, so that in a very practical way you get the key to free yourself from the danger of self-sabotage.

You do improve your wellbeing and proactivity, refine your sensitiveness and empower your decisiveness.

Your perception turns out to be your tool to succeed.

1-Day Perception Management Course

Boost your ‚genius‘! In this 1-Day Perception Management Course you are challenged to learn how to manage your perception. You build up your Mind Bridging® Matrix (MBM), using its simple but mind-blowing holographic psychological methodology to shift your fragmented perception into a holistic perception, which allows you to rewrite your subconscious negative programming. 

Consequently, you restructure your brain positively. You free your mind-brain-body from physiological stress. You overcome the negative bahavior pattern of self-imposed limitation that misleads you to work against yourself and your goals. Needless to say, your wellbeing and leadership abilities exceed to an even greater degree and you start enjoying a more exciting life performance. 

In this 1-day course your main focus is on:
Inner Resource: Regaining the power of choice—Discovering your Sense of Purpose and Meaning.

6-Modules Perception Management Course

In this 6-Modules Perception Management Course, with each module you go deeper into the dynamics of perception management. You are introduced to the effective nuances of the Mind Bridging® Matrix (MBM) that prompts you to rewrite your subconscious negative programming by shifting your fragmented perception into a holistic perception. As a result, you stop sabotaging your life projects and building up stress by releasing yourself from being mostly dominated by your too powerful subconscious negative programming, Yet, you have the best chance to enhance your excellence, wellbeing and leadership abilities to an even greater degree.

In this 6-modules course your main focus is on:

Developing the will to self-management, flexibility and sense of opportunity—Positive Attitude.

Appropriating the inner space and inner direction—Self-Organization and Prioritization.

Developing ease, humor and true leadership abilities—Irresistibility.

What makes me unique? Who am I?” Developing the senses of abundance and mutuality—Self-Reevaluation.

Centered Approach: 
Dealing creatively with unpredictable life situations by managing acceptance and support—Stress Management.

Decisiveness / Sensitiveness: 
What is meaningful and what is not? “Should this be part of my life?” by developing the “I deserve” and “I can” patterns—Life Quality and Goal Redefinition.

  • The Perception Management Courses are held in English—professional translation is available on request.
  • The course schedule and the participant’s financial investment are coordinated in a previous non-chargeable interview. 
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